Friday, January 19, 2018

Team Raffles Ceremony

Hey all,

Do note that Team Raffles Ceremony is next Wednesday, 24 Jan, during Assembly. As such, you are to wear PE Attire for training on Monday (22 Jan), and your Unit Tee + PE Shorts for the entire of Wednesday (24 Jan). Other training details (such as duration and reporting location) remain unchanged.

Thank you!


Sunday, January 7, 2018

RIRC Notebook and Unit Tee Design Competition


This year, we will be having the inaugural RIRC Notebook and Unit Tee Design Competition!

Find more details about these 2 competitions at

If you have any queries, please direct it to Rui Jie sir.

Batch 66

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Training Details for Term 4

Dear cadets,

Take note that training will resume this Monday, 23 October, from 3.45pm to 6.30pm. Do report punctually in your PE attire, and bring along your writing materials, water bottle and platoon flags. If you are unable to make it for the training, standard protocols apply.

You will wear your Unit Tee for Wednesday's training for the Inter UG Games. Details will be announced soon.

Batch 66

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Final Accreds for Term 3!!!!


Batch 67 will be completing YABP (S), DM (S), FA (S) in the next training (some of you will have to take RCK (S)), while Batch 68 will be completing YABP (B), so do mug hard for this upcoming training. For Batch 68, you will have some homework to do regarding your YABP (B) accreds.

Top scorers will be awarded platoon points! This is your chance to do your platoon proud!

The rewards are:
1st: 200 platoon points
2nd: 150 platoon points
3rd: 100 platoon points

The winner for this term's IPC will be decided by the end of Term 3 (hopefully) and announced. Do expect actual rewards.

Good luck.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

YABP Bloodbank Visit for Batch 68

Note: This post is for Batch 68 only.

Hey Sec 1s, 

Your bloodbank visit will be on next Wednesday, 26/7/17, during training. You will be visiting Bloodbank@HSA.

Do report at the main atrium by 3.30pm sharp. Bring along all items (as we won't be returning back to school), including a fully filled water bottle and your ez-link card, as we are going to be taking public transport there. Ensure you have sufficient cash in your ez-card.

You will be dismissed straight from the bloodbank at 6.30pm.

Batch 66

Friday, June 30, 2017

Accreds Results for DM (B) & RCK (S)


The results of both B68's DM (B) and B67's RCK (S) accreds have been finalised.

For DM (B), the total marks included the latest Go-bag re-test conducted on Wednesday's training. Out of 14 people, 13 achieved the passing rate of 80% (or above). Congratulations to the highest scorers -

1st: Mahdin (65/72)
   =  Jason (65/72)
2nd: Ethan (63/72)
   =  Chengyuan (63/72)
   =  Yaozhu (63/72)

For RCK (S), marks only include the theory paper that B67 sat for last term. Out of the 13 who took the test, 12 people achieved the passing mark of 80% (8/10). Congratulations to Nuode, Rayden and Nicholas, who scored full marks!

All cadets who failed will be notified and have to retake parts of their accreds. Otherwise, for B67, remember to "mug" hard for your upcoming DM accreds!

Batch 66

Saturday, June 24, 2017

First Training of Term 3


Do take note that the first training of Term 3 will be held on 28 June, Wednesday, since Monday is a school holiday. Please wear your PE attire and report punctually by 3.45pm at the YIB atrium.

On a side note, enjoy the rest of your June holidays!

Batch 66